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Any Realtor can list your home for sale................. but how many will actually sell it?

Most Realtors list your home and put it on Multiple listing, hoping someone else will sell it.

Although Multiple Listing is an option, We sell most of our listings ourselves!!

Because we are also in the Construction Business we can make important repairs before the engineer comes in so as not to leave any room for renegotiations, and lost deals.   No other Realtor offers that!!!

Here is a list of services we offer. Some services are offered by all Realtors but most are offered only by us.

The services only we offer are in Green.  The ones we & other Realtor offer are in black.  The ones we cannot offer are in red.

You will see the service you get for your money.

If the Realtors you interview can't offer all these services, then you are wasting your time & money by hiring them.

1. We list your home for sale. We charge 3%-4% commission

2. We put your home on multiple listing to give more exposure. They wish you luck and hope other Realtors can sell your home so they can cash in on you at 6% commission.

3. We put a sign on your lawn.

4. We advertise your home for sale through our website.

5. We advertise in local papers as well as social media and the Internet.

6. We will create an Advanced Video tour of your home, regardless of price, or condition. All homes deserve full exposure.

7. We advertise in ethnic papers to expand the exposure.

8. We advertise your home to our existing customers through regular mail,  email and telephone.

9. We inspect your home for problems and make repairs as needed to avoid problems during the engineers inspection.  It helps avoid lost deals and renegotiations.

10. We prepare your home for sale by redecorating or cleaning as needed to attract more buyers.

11. We help you get permits, and co's if needed to make sure there are no title problems.

12. We pre-qualify potential buyers with our team of mortgage brokers.

13. We do open houses every weekend till your home sells. Even after we get an accepted offer we still collect backups so we lose no time if an "act of god" occurs to the buyer.

14. We keep on top of attorneys and Mortgage brokers to make sure all is moving along quickly and expeditiously. We are at their service to get info they need,

15. We go to the townships to collect important paperwork like surveys and Co's  to save time and money for buyer and seller.

16. We follow through till the closing to make sure all goes smoothly.

17. We keep in touch with both parties to ensure all went well after the transaction. 

18. We help the new buyers make renovations on their new home for a discount so they can get situated in their new home. We also help the sellers with their new homes, even if by chance they don't buy them from us.

19. We collect our commission at the closing. (we put this here to get some black on the screen)

20. Our Sellers get top dollar for their homes, our buyers get a great home at a great price, and we get the best of all, REFERRALS.

No wonder we get more $$Green$$ for our Sellers!!!

Here are some of our recent "We Sold It, They Didn't" deals!!!


 54 Sprague Dr., Valley Stream, N.Y.

This homeowner had a few problems.

First, she had a bad tenant who knew the landlord/tenant system well and was not paying rent.

Second she had a bad Attorney who was milking the situation for over 2 years.

Third, the owner had listed the home with 2 other realtors who couldn't even get into the house.

When we got the listing, we immediately went for the first and biggest problem, The Attorney. After distancing him, we began the war against the tenant. It got nasty. We even ended up at the District Attorneys office as the tenant made a bunch of unsubstantiated claims, that made no sense.

Finally, we got her evicted and her kids are now supervised by child protective services because of the conditions they were living in.

As for the Sale, we freshened up the home and got it sold in a few months. Got top dollar too!!

The new owners are very Happy and our Client is now one of our best friends.

51 Jackson Ave. Elmont N.Y.

This is why you need  a Realtor who is well rounded in all aspects of the Real Estate profession.

This home was for sale for 1 year and the owner was only willing to give an open listing. We would have turned them down only I had a buyer who would want this house.

We showed it to one buyer and sold it in 1 day. (Even though the EXPERTS were saying the market has slowed, prices are dropping etc.) .

As we progressed with the  deal, the appraiser could not appraise the property because the bathroom upstairs was not completed. NOW WHAT!! MR. BIG NAME REALTY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  Want to drop the price $50k, force the owner to settle for less? Well I don't know how fast a big name realtor would roll over and die but L.I. Dreamhomes Realty went ahead and fixed the bathroom FOR FREE!!!!!!

It appraised and we got to closing.   

Wait the drama doesn't end there .

The day of the closing the title company had a lien for a mortgage that they could not find a satisfaction for. They were not going to close because the amount was for more then the proceeds so there would not be enough money to pay the judgement. BUT IT WAS A PAID LOAN!!!. L.I. Dreamhomes Realty to the  Rescue!!! I ran to the County Clerks office which was right across the street, and after doing a bit of research (20 minutes worth) I got the satisfaction. Sorry Mr.Title company, I know your job better than you!!!  It was such an old loan it was not in the County's computers; it was in their archives which is even older than the Microfiche. Anyway it saved the deal and the sellers saved $180,000 by not having to repay a loan they paid off in 1989.

All this for a mere flat fee commission of $14,000 That's less than 3.5% if you calculate the fixing of the bath, and the Knowledge in action.

Let's see the big name realtors make a commercial about that.

Oh by the way, the house sold for $445,000 one of the highest priced capes in Elmont!!! It must have been the beautiful bath on the second floor.

OK, to be fair to all you Realtors reading this; the word County Clerk refers to a county building where the mortgages, deeds, and various other leins and judgments are recorded. You won't need to know this because besides driving around in your BMW that some sucker who paid 6% commission helped you get, you won't need to ever visit this place.  


92 14th St. Hicksville N.Y.

This seller interviewed over 15 Realtors and made the right choice.

 Everyone else told him to list the property for $365,000-$375,000 and settle for $350,000.

We unveiled a plan that would cost him nothing and would bring him over $400,000. He gave us the ok and in 4 weeks was in contract for $410,000.

Maybe all Realtors aren't the same?!?

I'm sure he was happy to meet us.

6 Anne Dr. Hicksville N.Y.

The most expensive house sold in Hicksville as of 8/17/2006

The largest Century 21 in the area listed a similar house down the block, for $720,000 and after 4 months forced the owner to settle for $665,000.

Our home was listed for $795,000 and sold for $763,000 in 3 months after multiple offers. Of course we did a few minor alterations that cost the owner nothing but that's why our sellers have the advantage over others.


Not that we sold it for so much more money, but that there are still owners that list their homes with other Realtors.


29 Johnson Pl. Elmont N.Y.

This townhouse was listed with Foxtons for 6 months and they couldn't get anyone in the door never mind get an offer.

We listed the home and within a month had an offer and were going to contract. Even though we had appraisal problems, (no comps nearby) and mortgage problems with the buyer, our experience got everyone through.   One thing to note, the buyer chose to use a mortgage broker that we thought would take her for a ride, and unfortunately he did. A 7.35% rate that a mortgage broker we recommended would have gotten her with $7,345.00 in closing costs, cost her 11.5% with $22,240.00 in closing costs, and $7,500.00 in points needed at the table.

We recommended she file a report with the banking department.

That's what happens when you listen to "friends" who have special intrests, like kickbacks.


MLS# 1346446


29 Irving Street, Bethpage N.Y.

This Home was up for Sale for $209,000 for 1 year with 3 different Century 21 offices with 6% commission and could not sell!

We got the listing, inspected the home and found all the "problem areas" that turned off the buyers.

It cost the seller $325.00 in repairs.

We sold the house in 1 day Exclusive for $205,000.

We also charged 4% commission.

We saved the owner a lot of Time and Money!!



35 N. Front Street, Farmingdale N.Y.

This house was listed for Sale for a period of 2 1/2 years and was listed with about 7 different Real Estates. Big name real Estates tried to sell this home, top producers tried to sell this home, of course they all charged high commission because they had to put it on multiple listing (because all great Realtors do it in order to keep the hot air promises they make their "victims") and they all could not sell it.

We took it exclusively and within a week had a buyer ready and went to contract. It sold with no hickups.

Of course there are still homeowners that believe that listing with a big name company is the best, but suckers are born every day.


80 Forest Ave. Massapequa N.Y.

Beautiful, waterfront, was listed with the local Remax, and in 6 months produced 2 lookers (probably the listing agents' friends to show the owner activity). We made a deal with Remax to begin promoting the house while it was still listed with them, just to help the home owner. 3 weeks later the listing expired and we got full control.

Problem was, in an effort to get the listing Remax promised a high price and of course could not deliver.

Sound familiar?

We listed and sold the property at the correct price, took a lower commission and sold it.   



18 Wilson Pl. Roosevelt N.Y.

Nice starter home. This home was listed with a local Century 21 and we sold it through Multiple Listing.

Here is why you need a good listing agent!!!

When the engineer/termite inspector was called in they found termites and extensive damage on the sill plate (where the house sits on the foundation). Century 21 just rolled over and died (as most Realtors do) and tried to convince the owner to reduce the price by $8,000.00 dollars to keep the deal alive.

Our proposal was less destructive, for $1,500.00 we repaired the termite damage, repaired the boiler and fixed some other things the engineer found. Saved the owner $6,500.00 in price and a lot of time!!!

He has since sold his investment property and guess who got the listing?


21 Long Lane, Levittown N.Y.

We listed this home after the owner had tried selling it on her own. The problem was the tenants did not let anyone in to show the house. When we began selling the house our first priority was to be friendly with the tenants. We spoke and found out they wanted to buy a house but had a low down payment and credit was mediocre. Through our mortgage brokers we got them a loan, a nice house and got them to cooperate in showing the house. They actually promoted it more than us! We sold it in 1 month and coordinated for the tenants to be in their home at the same time so no one was displaced.

Knowledge, time and experience is what is needed to sell a home. People are not just a number in our offices, we offer personal attention to all.


37 S. Cloverfield Rd. Valley Stream N.Y.

What a mess. The owner hired a construction company to fix his house and they left it in shambles. He moved to another house he owned and tried selling it.  No one would touch it because it was in such bad shape. Even the big name Realtors shied away from it because they felt it could not be sold. They told the owner to sell it as land.

We, at our own expense went in and made repairs to make it presentable, and have it pass the engineers inspection. We sold it for more than the owner ever expected to get.

Still think the other big named Realtors will sell your home?

12 Hazel Ct. Amityville N.Y.

Mobile home, hard to sell due to loans.

Most people who want to buy a mobile home don't have the money to pay cash since 99% of the banks won't do mobile home loans. The buyers who do would rather put the $25,000-$100,000 in buying a house rather than a mobile home.

This mobile home owner tried for 2 years with every Realtor in town and out of town to sell her mobile home. She even tried on her own.

Problem?  Financing!!!

When she listed the home with us, we began contacting all our resources who we had to secure one that would finance the buyers.

2 Months later the owner was on her way to Florida and the new buyers bought their first home.




164-16 & 164-18 South Rd. Jamaica

Listed with a no name Realtor. The realtor was a friend of the owner so he felt obligated to give it to him. ( I wish I had friends like that). Well after about 6 months of no showings... the Realtor contacted us.!!

We moved in. did some repairs and began open houses. 2 weeks later we were in contract. We split the commission with the other realtor but the important thing was the owner sold his home.




10 Hillman Pl. Roosevelt N.Y.

What a mess. The same as the south road, Jamaica properties the house was just not promoted. We were hired by the other Realtor again and 1 month later we were in contract.

If other Realtors hire us then what should owners do?



84 Fox Place Hicksville. N.Y.

Good thing these owners has a good attorney. This home was an estate sale and the successors were the 3 brothers and sisters of the deceased. Problem was they were all over the country and all over 65 years old. They were offered pennies on the dollar by investors, low listing prices by Realtors, and felt helpless to do anything.

We were recommended by an attorney who had worked with us in the past and he knew this was a home only we could sell.

We moved in, cleared out all the bushes and trees, painted the house, repaired many things, sanded the floors, and set up the home for showings.

We got the estate $31,000 more than any offer or price quote they had.





310 Merrill Ave. Bronx, N.Y

Prudential kept losing deals on this house because the house next to it was abandoned and water was getting into the basement. We called the town who condemned the building next door and tore it down. We were then allowed to waterproof  the foundation of our listed home. We sold the house in 2 weeks. The property next door is currently being rebuilt as a new home.



37 Manetto Dr. Plainview

This was another Estate sale.

It was also a For Sale by owner.

 All we had to do was remove the old carpet and reveal the hardwood floors.

We got the estate $20,000 more than they were asking for.

Experience Pays!!!

39 Vernon St.,  Plainview N.Y.

Listed w/ Century 21 this house was on the market a while because it had minor mostly cosmetic problems.  Many people shied away from it due to the work needed. We sold it from Multiple listing. The engineer who was dead set on finding a problem with the house and and killing the deal, picked on everything imaginable (most engineers do that to justify the $400-$600 fee they charge and waste peoples' money). The buyers were terrified, and looked to us for advice rather than the engineer. We promised all the repairs and actually did them with the buyer to show them it was nothing. They consequently filed a complaint against the engineer and he was suspended.

Win won for the good guys!!!

15 Fiddler Ln. Levittown N.Y.

This was a funny story.

The buyer hired an engineering company who sent a guy who took the 2 week course on how to do home inspections ( yes it's that easy) He found the dust on the counter, the stain on the tub and the scratch on the counter. After the inspection We took the buyers around the house and showed them the more serious problems with the house. We then offered to fix the problems at no charge to the owner or the buyer. We also had the engineer give back the money for the report since he failed to do his job. We have to be fair and protect the buyers too!!!

Don't worry, that engineering firm is out of business now.

As for Century 21, they still haven't figured out what happened.




Rosedale N.Y.

This was another For Sale By owner!!

They had a buyer who came looking to buy the house and brought an engineer who would find things wrong so they can get a reduction in price. The owner had called us in the past and had told us that if she couldn't sell it she would call us.

Never burn your bridges.

After the owner got in trouble with this buyer, she called us and was willing to pay 2% commission if we finished the deal. We moved in and when the buyer realized his games were not going to work with us he settled down and finished the deal smoothly. As for the engineer he changed his report but the sellers' attorney had all he needed to file a complaint against him.


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