Selling your Home

Selling your Home is a Big Task.

Between the Preparation of the Home, Structural Integrity, Paperwork, Co's, Legal Jargon and Sales and Marketing Planning,

one can go crazy trying to figure it all out!!!


Before you sell your property, make sure you know

where you are moving to. 

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We will sell your home fast, so it is important to help you find a place to move to.



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 When you are ready to sell or buy your home,  we will be here to help you.

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We take the Hassle out of Selling your Property.

1.      We inspect your home prior to putting it on the market and make repairs and improvements that will attract buyers to it as well as make them feel that this home is structurally sound and is somewhere they will feel comfortable living in. Many people aren't able to envision things finished or in a more livable condition. A minor change can make all the difference. After hundreds of sales we were able to figure out what makes a buyer happy. Also remember, an engineer will probably inspect your home as part of the sales process and with our inspection it will definitely pass.  [Visit our We Sold it, they didn't page]

2.      We price the house right. Believe it or not a few thousand dollars can make a huge difference if the buyer feels comfortable seeing and bidding on a home. The right price is very important to ensure a quick sale. Most agents give you inflated prices to get you to list with them, then they can't sell your home. The potential buyer may have come in at a higher price and was turned off, so now even if you lower the price he's not coming back!

3.      Proper advertising. We advertise in all the local newspapers, many ethnic newspapers, using direct mail, through our expansive list of names, Advanced Video tours, the internet, our prospect matches system, open houses, and street & lawn signs, multiple listing system. If anyone is looking for a house they will know about your home for sale.

4.       Lower commission. Most agencies charge 6% commission and throw you on multiple listing hoping another agent can sell your home. Other agencies charge 1% or 2% commission and list your home, tie you up and only wish you luck and hope you can sell your home yourself and send them a check for your efforts. Our commission is low and we give you full service. From start to finish we handle all the work.

5.      Legal help. Even though we are not attorneys we know all the legal aspects of the job. And if we don't we will find it out fast through our personal attorneys. We make sure there will be no tie ups to the closing of your home. Co's permits, plans, surveys, we help you get them . We will help you get all the paperwork needed to close.

6.      Qualified buyers. Our mortgage department makes sure a buyer can afford your home before we accept his/her offer. We can even help the buyer get a great rate and help them through the mortgage process.


We offer you more services for less commission.   

It pays to have the best agents on your side!!

Call us or email us today and find out how much your home is worth for FREE! 

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