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That's why even builders hire us to do a lot of their work.

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Testimonials from our Customers:   

Jim Champlin: Anthony,  Job well done ! I wanted to write to let you know what a pleasure it was getting to know you and your crew. It's rare as I see it to have someone like you who really cares about your clients and their satisfaction. You not only gave me options when you came to give me an estimate but you did so to save me a lot of $$ without my asking for that option. You could have just gone with what I asked you to estimate...thank you very much.Additionally you were prompt as to when you said you'd start the job and when it would be finished. Your crew was friendly, professional and excellent craftsmen. I would be more than happy to be a reference. Thank you again.

Hild Family: We have had L.I. Dreamhomes do all our Renovations for over 15 Years!! They even do work for our kids who subsequently bought homes through L.I. Dreamhomes Realty. It is so much better to have 1 company handle everything. We always refer then to all our friends who need a quality contractor at the best prices.

Peter K.: I had a well known construction company doing work on my house and I had to fire them because they were putting me second to other jobs, and the quality was not good. I got a card from L.I. Dreamhomes and decided to give them a try. Not only did they do a better job, but they found areas where the other contractor cut corners and jeopardized the structure of our home and fixed it as part of their job. The other thing I liked was that they never put down or spoke bad about the other contractor, to make me feel bed for hiring them first. They are Professionals in every way!

Jennifer B.: I bought a house from L.I. Dreamhomes Realty and the house needed some work done. I asked Christina how much it would cost and she suggested I speak to Anthony who was the Contractor. He quoted me $8,000.00. After I bought the house I called a few contractors and was getting prices double his quote. I was upset that they tricked me into buying the house. So I called Anthony to let him have it. He said "I told you our company would do the work for $8,000.00 no anyone else.....  And so he did. Not a penny more. Since then He has done work for 4 other homes in my neighborhood I referred him.  They are Honest and run a great operation.

Eula H.: After Sandy I was left with a flooded basement and no heat. Worse, I had little money. I called a few contractors to get a boiler and was getting $8-$10,000 and 4 week waiting list. I got a card in the mail from L.I. Dreamhomes advertising boilers for $half the price of others. I called and Anthony came the same day. Not only that he worked it out with me on the payments and did the boiler thenext day. He was a godsent. Then he helped me fight the insurance and got the basement and the rest of the house fixed fast so I could get my life back on track. He even got me upgrades like ceramic tiles instead of vinyl that insurance paid for at no extra cost. All I can say is that anyone who I hear needs repairs, I recomment them. We have become great friends form all this.

Karn M.: After the storm many contractors were in our neighborhood getting us to sign contracts for our renovations at very high prices and telling us we had to wait 4-6 weeks for the work to begin. We felt helpless so we went along. Then one of my neighbors got a card from L.I. Dreamhomes advertising low prices and fast work. We all agreed to call them and have a neighborhood meeting with them. Anthony came in, gave us prices and told us he could start the next day. Well 8 families had heat in 3 days, and in 2 months all our homes were renovated so we could begin getting back to normal. We found out, Anthony would travel to New Jersey to get the boilers so as to get them fast, and keep the price down as price gouging was a problem here, and they work straight through. I caught Anthony sleeping in his truck one night as his night crews marched on to finish our homes. They are Amazing. Anthony even fought with the insurance agents who came to inspect to make sure we got compensated for every dollar needed to bring our home back to the way they were before. His wife even brought Christmas gifts to our kids. When you have been destroyed by a storm like we were, it's a breath of fresh air to have someone like that come and make you see that it will all be ok. California Street loves you!

Wilber H.: Insurance came after Sandy and looked at my siding that was stripped from the storm. They wanted to pay me $800.00 for the repairs. I was devastated and did not know how I was going to fix the house or I would have to walk away. I am 74 years old, where would i go? I got a card from L.I. Dreamhomes and they advertised low prices. I prayed they could fix the siding for $800.00.  When Anthony Came and saw the damage, he asked for the adjusters number. He called him and arranged to meet with him. After a long conversation that got heated at times, Anthony got the adjuster to pay the $4,500 for new siding. Then he put the siding on and did more for free to make me feel at ease. I have referred him to all me friends and family and he has done right by all of them. Honesty and Integrity is what this young man has. I respect him.

Talley Family: After the storm, our first floor was destroyed. What was worse our concrete slab sank. We had engineers, contractors, and insurance adjusters come and they all said just pour over and just level out the floor. We called L.I. Dreamhomes as a friend recommended them. They were the only ones to suggest removing the slab and pouring another. The insurance adjuster was against it saying it was too expensive and not needed. Anthony agreed to cut out test sections to see what was below. With the insurance adjuster there and the insurance hired engineer, he cut the holes and guess what..... 3-4 inch gaps between the already lowere slab and the earth. He was right. He got us the money from the insurance and in under 2 months had our first floor back to normal. They needed 16 yards of soil to come back to the right height and he used a crushed concrete that he said will offer a better base at no extra cost. He even poured a new footing that the original builder did not put in and we had cracks on the floor above for years.  I wonder, where is the building department in all this...  I am so thankful I selected them as I would now be redoing the slab again after the weight would have sank it again.

Eddie L.: My house had severe termite damage and started to list on one side. I called a few contractors and they were quoting me absurd prices to od the work. My friend suggested L.I. Dreamhomes. Anthony Came and explained the process and made us feel comfortable in his abilities. His price was right and was willing to work with us. In under a week, he had the job done, and even removed soil and trees that he said were the reason why we got termites in the first place. He installed a proper drain system and even went around the house and fixed other potential problem areas to avoid future problems for Free. We trust him and his team. He even went to Breezy Point the day after Sandy to help by brother get heat for his home to dryout everything and avoid more damage then was already done by the storm.

Thelma S.: I had hired someone to put in a new boiler for me. The guy took my money, improperly installed the boiler, and dissapeared. L.I. Dreamhomes was installing a boiler for a neighbor and I approached him to see if he could help me. Amazingly he came over and fixed the mess the other guy made. When I asked how much he wanted, he said, anything you can afford. What a help for me, on a fixed income. I told my kids and now they give him all their work and we all recommend him for everything.

Dennis L.: We had L.I. Dreamhomes do our basement over after Hurricane Irene. We had a new type of wall system installed made from Corrugated Vinyl that no other contractor wanted to install because they never dealt with it. Anthony did the job and did a great job. What impressed me the most though, is that the day after Hurricane Sandy (a year later) he had one of his crews come by with a pump and pump out the water from our basement, and sprayed a special mildewside in the basement that did not grow mildew. And he did it for Free!!! We of course gave him other work since like our Kitchen and exterior work but he is like our guardian angel looking over us and there when you need him.

Lucy H: You have to be crazy to hire anyone other then L.I. Dreamhomes. They know their stuff, do quality work, do not cut corners and guarantee their work. I had them put in windows and a few years later one window started to Haze. Anthony came and took it off, brought it to the store he got it from and got it fixed in a day. He didn't even ask for money or haggle over who's fault it was. Just got the job done. Now I am thinking of selling my home, and you know who I am Hiring. L.I. Dreamhomes Realty of course.



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